What is the maximum of outgoing email messages per 24 hours?

The maximum permitted outgoing (sent) email messages per 24 hours is 100.

We and most of the email providers are applying this type of limitations for your own safety reasons and because we don't like and support SPAM. In case an email account has been compromized and used for sending huge quantities of unsolicitud electronic email messages or most commonly known as SPAM, reaching the limitation of 100 messages per 24 hours is very easy. A small number as 100 messages (compared to the desired thousands or millions of SPAM messages) is not worthed the risks of keeping using the compromized email account, which usualy makes the malicious actors to give up using thouse types of accounts promptly.
Another considerations for choosing 100 emails per 24 hours is that the average work flow requires a lot less outgoing messages from single email account even in very bussy bussiness environment.

What to do if I receive notification for maximum emails per 24 hours reached while trying to send an email?

In this case you have a few options:

1. First off try to eliminate the problem which caused your account to be compromized.

    - Always use complex password (alphanumerical + special symbols + at least 8 characters long);
    - Do not save credentials in your web browser.
    - Do regular antivirus scans of your computer or mobile device.
    - Do not use unsecure networks and computing devices to check your email.
    - Do not share your email credentials with other people.
    - Do not write down on hard copy or paper your credentials and keep them on easy reachable places.
    - Do not follow request to change your password received via email messages even if the issuer is SNB Solutions representative (we do not send this type of requests).

2. Wait for aproximatly 24 hours and your sending option will be automaticly reactivated.

3. Change your email's password (this is the recommended option) and wait for the 24 hours period of time to pass. This usualy solves the problem of your email account been used for sending unsolicitud email messages.

4. Contact us for assistance if you required urgent attention (the response time may vary depending on support staff work load and your hosting package support service tag).


Last update: 09/22/2018 (UTC)