SNB Solutions is established in September 2009, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico. One year later the company joined to Microsoft Partner Network and is Microsoft Registered Member. The purpose of the company is to offer full range of IT solutions for business and personal needs.

We offer integrated as well as specific solutions, software and hardware, data protection and security, hosting services, administrative and accounting software, consulting etc.

Over the years through the experience gained and the variety of encountered problems we came to a simple truth: what is vital and crucial for you is the INFORMATION, no matter of the carrier – paper or electronic.

Your architectural and engineering projects, your designer and desktop publishing files, your financial and accounting documents, contracts and offers for customers and partners, your legal documentation, the specific working software and information related to the cash flow, your business and even private correspondence. All this forms the base of your business. Actually, it IS your business.

The loss of such type of information or the impossibility to handle it, the leak of this data or the access of the competitors to it would lead to significant financial losses and lower the reputation. On times even delay in time due to a problem with the access to the necessary information may cause significant damages to your work.

What are the crucial determinants for the protection of INFORMATION:

1. Information must be accessible solely and only to the authorized persons in the company - SECURITY

2. The information must be accessible for operative work – in terms of available applications as well as in terms of the necessary time - SUPPORT

3. The information must be accessible after occurrence of some technical problem – data storage on protected servers and regular data back up of the data - SERVERS

4. The information must be accessible at any time and everywhere in the world to the employees that have the respective need and are granted the respective rights - SOFTWARE

Last update: 05/13/2017 (UTC)