SPA Web Presence is innovative online web presence system for your multi branches spa center or beauty salon businesses.
It let's you expand your marketing toolset and increase the customers' trust. It's native integration with SNB Web POS and SNB SPA and Salon Management System converts the product in the perfect tool for online booking and direct product sales, as well giving you one outstanding multilingual presence for your company.

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. Very flexible and friendly content management in multiple languages;
. Automated social networking;
. Dynamic image gallery;
. Integrated SEO tools;
. Sales cart;
. Secure payments over PayPal;
. Integration with SNB SPA and Salon Management Software;
. Interation with SNB Web POS software;
. Pre-designed graphic themes;
. Compatibility with your mobile devices;


What’s included

. Free SSL security certificate for protecting the privacy of communication with your customers;
. Free hosting;
. Free domain name;
.Technical support via our web forum and email;
. On line video tutorials;
. Free updates when new features are available;
. Website visits/hits counter;



* Some of the options shown here are in direct dependency of other products. Please contact us for more information.

Last update: 05/13/2017 (UTC)